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Upon your arrival at Timios Stavros Hospital head to the Reception/ Customer Service and Admissions Office in order to register your personal data.

Our friendly staff will be glad to help you complete all the necessary forms, inform you about the process of admission and then you will be escorted to your room and enjoy the highest care from our nurses.

Preparing to come to hospital

If you have arranged an operation, please arrive at the Patient Reception & Customer Service at least an hour earlier. You will be asked to fill in a form with your personal information and present your identification card.

Personal Items

We recommend to leave your valuable items at home such us jewellery, money, etc. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss of personal valuables.

Pre-operative check

Our nursing personnel will obtain your medical history and inform you on everything you need to know before the operation.

Before your operation you will be advised on the details of the pre-operative check-up.

Before surgery

Remove any artificial dentures, contact lenses and jewellery.

Leaving hospital

Your discharge date is defined by your doctor who will inform the nurse to complete the relevant forms.

On the day of your departure from Timios Stavros Hospital we suggest that you ask a member of your family or a relative to pick you up from the hospital. Should you decide to leave by taxi, our staff will gladly arrange for your transportation.


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