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Extension to the big deal between private hospitals and health insurance. The crucial hour-long meeting between the two sides did not bring a positive outcome with the dialogue continuing.

Savvas Kadis - PASIN President

"We have made another step in the right direction and I hope these contacts will be completed by next Monday."

The decision of the Council of Ministers to approve a budget of EUR 70 million in the GESY budget has given impetus to the OSD - PASIN debate, but we still have a long way to go before private hospitals are integrated into the System.

Savvas Kadis - PASIN President

"Our members have questions and questions will be constantly raised."

Thomas Antoniou - OSD President

" What we are discussing now is whether this framework is acceptable to PASIN."

The two sides hastened to clarify that the signatures have not yet fallen not because of disagreements but because the issues and clarifications on the memorandum have not yet been exhausted.

Thomas Antoniou - OSW President

"Every hospital has dozens of scenarios in front of them that they want to discuss and that's what we do with them."

While one of the basic conditions of private hospitals for guarantees has been met, PASIN makes particular reference to other concerns that need to be mitigated.

Savvas Kadis - PASIN President

"It's the list of expensive consumables, the organization has given explanations and within a month we will receive a list of these expensive consumables."

The next appointment was scheduled for next Monday with OSD planning separate meetings with each private hospital.


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