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The second and final meeting between the Health Insurance Agency and the Cyprus Nursing Association lasted for four hours, giving all the clarifications requested by the Private Nurses on the Memorandum of Understanding for their joining the General Staff of.

 After the meeting, both sides reaffirmed the good climate that exists, stressing that private hospitals now have all the information they need to make decisions.

"And now, based on the clarifications that each hospital knows what this memorandum is, PASIN is now ready as a collective body, and its members to decide whether they are interested in consulting the OSH or not," with the president of OSA, Thomas Antoniou.

The PASIN Central Committee will meet on Thursday the 30th of the month to make its final decision on what to recommend to the private hospitals.

"The Health Insurance Agency was at our disposal for the third time in response to questions from members of the Central Committee. I believe that most of the questions have been clarified. If there is of course any other question I believe the staff of the Organization are always at our disposal to answer, "said PASIN Executive Secretary Markos Christodoulides.

Based on the timetable set out in the Memorandum of Understanding, private hospitals have until February 15 to express their interest in joining GSEY.


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